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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Eurovision standing audience to be replaced with green room

The area used for the Eurovision 2021 green room will replace the areas that would normally be used for the standing audience.

This year, the organisers will use the original Eurovision 2020 stage design. However, according to executive producer Sietse Bakker, speaking to Dutch broadcaster NOS, there will be a key change to the area beyond the stage.

The area that would have housed the standing audience will not do so. Instead it will be the location of the green room, housing artists and delegations during the show. Live reactions and interviews will take place in the green room.

Sietse Bakker made the point that fans being around and close to the stage is “not possible in the corona era”. In past Eurovisions, in order to cheer for their acts, fans have been packed close to the stage. Now the green room will take up this space in front of the stage in Rotterham Ahoy. This will allow for social distancing.

The original intent of moving the green room into the arena in the first place was to connect the artists to the audience. This was from the original stage design.

No live audience?

Understandably, this decision will mean the extent of how far a live audience will be able to participate in the live show is in question. The area where fans would normally be in front of the stage is not available. This means that there is unlikely to be artists performing directly in front of a crowd. The size of the live audience that will appear at Eurovision 2021 is still uncertain.

The Eurovision producers will make the final decision on restrictions for a live audience in mid-April. In order for lower restrictions for a live audience outside factors will be important. A lowered spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands and the Dutch government’s decision would be the factors to watch for.

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  1. This is absolutely the correct decision. Personally, I feel that they should ensure all Dutch ticket holders get to go and they should ban international fans, to make sure they have a home ESC. Ban the international fans. It breaks my heart to hand my ticket back, but it needs to be done.

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