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🇫🇮 Record-breaking viewing numbers for UMK21 final

The show reached over 1.7 million people

Yle has released the viewing numbers for yesterday’s UMK21 final. In average, 1.1 million people watched the show while overall it reached, meaning they watched the show for at least three minutes, 1.7 million people. This is the record in the UMK’s ten-year history.

Open contest interests more than internal selection

UMK was once again a great show and the record numbers feel great. The show is done with great emotion, and now we got a representative for Finland who does their part with the same great emotion that also will come across to TV viewers around the world.

UMK producer Anssi Autio

Last year Yle went back to the open contest and the final of UMK reached 1.5 million people. Both years the show got significantly more interest than the years when Yle chose the artist internally and only let the viewers decide the song.

It was possible to vote for your own favorite by phone and SMS voting and free of charge with the mobile application. A total of 138,195 votes were cast: 92,017 votes in the application and 46,178 votes by telephone and text message.

Blind Channel won UMK by getting 54% of the vote. The violent pop group will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with their song “Dark Side”. Finland will compete in the second semifinal of the contest and is set to perform on the second half of the show.

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