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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 BBC Alba rules out at a debut for Scotland at Junior Eurovision 2021

They join Wales in a "no show" in France

Scottish broadcaster BBC Alba has confirmed that they will not be debuting at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. The contest is set to take place in France later this year.

BBC Alba has previously said that talks have taken place to enable participation in the contest, but at the moment, they have not yet taken part. Several countries have already expressed their interest to take part in this year’s junior contest including The Netherlands and Russia.

Scotland says ‘no’

Speaking to ESC Bubble, BBC Alba confirmed that they would not participate at this year’s Junior Eurovision. They gave no further reason about their non-participation.

BBC Alba is not participating in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

– BBC Alba, speaking to ESC Bubble

Scotland will not be the only British constituent nation that will not attend Junior Eurovision. Last week, Welsh broadcaster S4C confirmed that they would not be returning to the contest, after they withdrew in 2020. Replying to a tweet, the broadcaster confirmed that they would not be taking part “due to the current circumstances”.

Scotland in the Eurovision Family of Events

BBC Alba – the Scottish broadcaster – first took part in a Eurovision event in 2019, when they made their debut in Eurovision Choir. Scotland were represented by the choir, Alba, at the event under the conductorship of Joy Dunlop. Alba failed to make the top 3, and therefore their placement was not announced.

Following their participation at Eurovision Choir in Gothenburg, BBC Alba confirmed that they had not closed the doors on a debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as they “will be learning from” their participation at the choir event. They used their participation in Sweden to “inform future involvements around” the Eurovision family of events.

Would you have liked to see Scotland at Junior Eurovision 2021? Are you still excited for the contest later this year?

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