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🇫🇮 Erika Vikman releases new music video ‘Häpeä’

Erika teaches us to feel no shame!

This week UMK 2020 runner-up Erika Vikman returns with a tribute to the ’80s and the completion of her recent trilogy of singles, in latest release ‘Häpeä’. See the Finnish star take on her alter ego in the music video, as Erika wrestles with the concept of shame.

Erika Vikman releases ‘Häpeä’

After wowing us in the UMK 2021 opening act, Erika Vikman is back with her brand new single ‘Häpeä’. Unlike most trilogies, ‘Häpeä’ is just as strong as its predecessors, ‘Cicciolina‘ and ‘Syntisten pöytä‘. Much like Madonna in the 1980s, Erika continues to express herself and embrace the liberation of modern attitudes towards sexual artistry in music. With big hair and even bigger guitar-laden beats, Erika takes on herself in her raciest video yet. Together, with director Viivi Huuska, the notion of shame is defeated in a throwback to the camera work and visual themes of videos from the 1980s. As lightning strikes to the guitar solo, Erika’s true form rises, free from the shackles of doubt and fear. At one with herself having realised shame is a social concept we create ourselves. So, why should we be afraid of we are?

The song is written and produced by Janne Rintala, Kaisa Korhonen and Mika Laakonen. Many will recognise this as the same trio behind ‘Syntisten pöytä’. Meanwhile Janne and Mika were part of Erika’s UMK 2020 team for ‘Cicciolina’. With lyrics as striking as the catchy melody and Erika’s enthusiasm for performance, ‘Häpeä’ is sure to be another hit!

“It’s time for me to be who I am, without shame.”

Erika Vikman in Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2020

Last year the former tango dancer took part in Finland’s national selection, ‘Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu.’ Although she would finish runner-up to eventual winner Aksel, Erika Vikman made sure nobody would forget her. Her tribute to Hungarian porn star turned politician, Ilona Staller, through the song ‘Cicciolina’, became a huge fan favourite. Such was the impact, that the song has gone on to amass almost 10 million views and streams across YouTube and Spotify. Meanwhile the world is still sinning to ”Syntisten pöytä’, which now has over 5 million Spotify streams.

After UMK, Erika donned costume again to take part in the Finnish version of The Masked Singer. Her stinging performances as the Wasp, covering Cher and Loreen, resulted in third place. Earlier this year, Erika’s continued success earned her two nominations in Finland’s prestigious EMMA Awards.

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