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πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Sander Lantinga and Cornald Maas to be Dutch Eurovision commentators

Host broadcaster AVROTROS have announced their commentators for Eurovision 2021: Cornald Maas will be joined by Sander Lantinga. Lantinga will replace Jan Smit, who will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

Cornald Maas: A Eurovision stalwart

It is no surprise that Cornald Maas will be the commentator. He has been the commentator for the Dutch audience since 2004, with a minor break after 2010. Aside from his role as commentator, Cornald Maas has been involved in the Eurovision Song Contest in many other capacities. He has hosted Eurovision in Concert for many years, with the most recent edition of 2019 also being his most recent hosting gig.

Cornald Maas has also been a member of the internal selection committee for the Dutch entries. He’s fulfilled that role since at least 2013. As a reward, he was asked to become the Creative Advisor for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 and 2021. On his commentating partner, Sander Lantinga, he said:

I’m looking forward to doing the commentary together with Sander for the shows, mainly because of his musical know how and humour. Sander has always been very open about his love for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is something I really appreciate.

Cornald Maas to

Sander Lantinga: Radio host and Eurovision fan

For years, Jan Smit was the commentating partner of Cornald Maas. However, Smit will be on the big stage this year as one of the four hosts of Eurovision 2021. AVROTROS have now confirmed that radio DJ Sander Lantinga will take place in the commentary booth.

Sander Lantinga is a well-known radio DJ in the country, having hosted the Coen & Sander Show for many years, together with Coen Swijnenberg. Swijnenberg and Lantinga have been part of the internal selection committee at AVROTROS since 2019, when the Netherlands selected the eventual Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence. Lantinga is also famous as the host of BNN show Try before you die, where he gained short-lived worldwide fame. Back in 2006, he entered the Wimbledon court as a streaker during the quarter final match between Maria Sharapova and Elena Dementieva.

After 2021, Jan Smit will return as commentator for the next couple of years. Sander Lantinga will only replace him for 2021. On his new, one-year job of Eurovision commentator, Lantinga said:

People around me have asked me whether I would’ve liked to host the Eurovision Song Contest someday. I mean, I am a huge fan! My answer was always that I’d much rather do the commentary. Therefore, I feel incredibly honoured. That’s definitely so now the contest is being hosted in the Netherlands and this is just a one time gig – it’s the best holiday job I’ve ever had!

Sander Lantinga to

More and more countries are confirming their commentator line-up for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. will keep you updated with all the necessary information! Let us know what you think on social media!

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