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🇵🇱 Ich Troje’s Michał Wiśniewski believes that Rafał’s chances at Eurovision “are none”

In his opinion, Rafał won't even reach the final

Recently, Michał Wiśniewski went live on Instagram and was asked for his opinion on Poland’s Eurovision 2021 entry. It is safe to say, however, that he does not think very positive of it…

No chance

The Ich Troje singer, who competed in Eurovision 2003 and 2006, did not beat around the bush when telling viewers what he thought about the song.

“Chances are none. You know that I am not hiding behind diplomacy. Sometimes it happens, that someone makes decisions that are a bit forced, not very organised. This is the case here.”

Michał Wiśniewski on Poland’s chances at this year’s Eurovision

In contrast, he did not want to criticise Rafał, who will be singing ‘The Ride’ in Rotterdam next month. Despite this, he does not like the fact that the song is Swedish. The songwriters and producers behind the entry all come from the country.

“I understand that it was one of Rafał’s attempts and he got the opportunity, so he took advantage of it. I will not criticise him because there is no doubt that he can sing. However, it should be a Polish song, and it is Swedish. This is my personal opinion, so I feel a bit bitter about this fact.”

Michał Wiśniewski

Rafał unfazed by criticism

The Polish representative for this year has received a lot of criticism about his entry since its release. Nonetheless, Rafał believes that ‘The Ride’ has the chance to become an international hit.

‘The Ride’ is a song that has a chance to conquer Europe. Because not only is it dynamic and expressive, but there is also a repetitive refrain that is easy to remember. I have spoken to many journalists from different countries and I like this song. It is strange that there is hate against it in Poland, and not abroad.”

Rafał on his song’s potential

Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Poland made their debut in Eurovision at the 1994 contest in Dublin. Edyta Górniak finished in second place with her song, ‘To nie ja!’. It still remains as Poland’s best result to date.

Poland has since only made the top 10 on two further occasions – in 2003 and 2016. Ich Troje finished in seventh place in Riga, while Michał Szpak finished in eighth place in Stockholm.

Since the semi-finals were introduced, Poland have qualified for the finals six times (out of a total of 14 attempts). Poland will be hoping to make it a seventh qualification this year, after failing to qualify in 2018 and 2019. Last year, Alicja was selected to represent Poland with her song ‘Empires’, however the contest was cancelled.

This year, Poland decided against inviting Alicja back and instead selected Rafał. The singer and presenter will perform ‘The Ride’ at Rotterdam in the first half of the second semi-final.

Do you agree with Michał’s comments? Or do you think Rafał has a chance of making it to the final? Let us know in the comments!

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