Rotterdam 2021🇷🇴 Romania

🇷🇴 “I was relieved because it wasn’t as emotional as the first rehearsal” – ROXEN

Ahead of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Wiv had the chance to catch up with ROXEN to discuss how she felt about her stage presentation of “Amnesia” as well as learning a little bit more about what makes her tick with the usual Either/Or game – and we learn what her favourite book is too!

“I wanted to show exactly how I feel”

With such an intricate performance in store for viewers at home, Wiv asks ROXEN exactly how they came up with the concept for the stage show:

“We recreated the music video on stage because we can show exactly how I feel about the story I’m telling. The dancers and I have a strong connection in telling the story. The director is amazing, and the team I have is very into this story. We did lots of rehearsals, for many hours, to prepare the performance. It was really hard for me to get used to everything moving and singing at the same time, but we did it every day. Now, it’s just perfectly within my system!”

“I love singing in English”

Wiv asks ROXEN which language she prefers to sing in:

“I don’t know why but I really like the language, it’s a beautiful language to sing in English. But I do still sing in Romanian sometimes, such as with my single “Ce-ți cântă dragostea” and I love it too, I really do”

“My mum was a very big fan!”

When asked if ROXEN is a fan of Eurovision, she tells us that she has watched it for many years:

“Yes, I am. My mum is a very big fan, so I grew up in front of Eurovision. I was a fan from a young age and I enjoyed watching it every year. So many Eurovision songs are my favourites but I particularly liked “Rhythm Inside” by Loïc Nottet from Belgium in 2015.”

PLUS, Wiv’s Either/Or game!

Discover whether ROXEN prefers summer or winter, books or movies and late nights or early mornings in Wiv’s latest edition of her classic Either/Or game!

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