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🏆 How your Eurovision 2021 semifinal 1 qualifiers reacted

See the celebrations from last night's lucky 10!

The moment when the results are announced is full of tension and trauma, drama and delight… for ten of last night’s sixteen competitors, it was a moment to celebrate with their team as their place in Saturday night’s Grand Final was secured.

Here’s how the Eurovision 2021 Semifinal 1 qualifiers reacted on their social media accounts last night:


TIX was announced as the first qualifier. As we saw throughout the show, he was so in the moment with his team in the green room that he didn’t post on his social media accounts after qualifying!

However, we can see a very happy TIX speaking to the local Norwegian media, as captured by the MGP Instagram account – they’re ready for Saturday!


Announced second, the screams of joy were loud and clear for Eden Alene and her team! Collapsing into the green room sofa in elation, after the show Eden posted a very simple thank you message on her Instagram profile.


Manizha from Russia was announced as the third qualifier during the show last night. We got to see joyful scenes of celebration in the green room too. She posted a heartfelt caption along with a photo from her performance on her Instagram account after the show to thank the viewers for this chance as part of the Grand Final.

Also importantly, Manizha made a statement of love to the non-qualifiers on the official Eurovision Instagram story in which she said “I’m really sorry, and feeling really bad about all those who didn’t get to the final because I saw them and it’s sad that we cannot hug each other. They need that right now. Please support them, please send them love.”


We’ve looked everywhere. We’ve looked on Efend’s accounts. We’ve looked on the 12XL accounts. We’ve looked on the Azeri fan site accounts. It’s all been mysteriously quiet since Efendi was announced as the fourth qualifier for Saturday’s Grand Final. Hopefully we’ll see some celebrations soon from Team Azerbaijan, as Efendi has been reposting congratulations on her Instagram story today.


Destiny was announced as the fifth qualifier for the Grand Final and whilst it may not have been a surprise to many viewers at home, the looks of delight on the faces of the Maltese delegation were full of relief! Destiny took to her Instagram account after the show to thank the voters and say she was “thrilled” to proceed to Saturday’s Grand Final.


The Roop were announced as the sixth qualifier and the relief was plain to see on the band’s faces in the green room when Lithuania was called as a qualifier! The group posted on their Instagram after the show to thank the voters and celebrate with “Let’s meet in the Grand Final!” too.


Elena Tsagrinou has an Instagram story FULL of celebrations! We fully recommend you check out the scenes that Cyprus shared from backstage after being announced as the seventh qualifier for Saturday’s Grand Final… you can see a small screenshot of the joy below!


Another act that celebrated all over their Instagram story was Tusse from Sweden, who was announced as the eighth qualifier for the Grand Final. He even took us to bed with him last night (at about 03:00 CET, it should be said…) saying “thank you, you guys are the best” and promising us he would sleep until noon… so we should probably be seeing him online again any time now…

Here’s a snapshot of the celebrations on Tusse’s profile:


Hooverphonic were announced as the ninth qualifier to the Grand Final and chose this gorgeous image of Geike smiling at the end of their performance of “The Wrong Place” last night. Their caption shows how joyful they were to be announced as a qualifier saying “thank you so much! See you on Saturday in the Grand Final!”


Ukraine were the final qualifier announced, and we could see how raucous the celebrations were in the green room last night! The Suspilne Eurovision account shared some lovely photos of Go_A and the backing dancers in the green room to celebrate qualifying.

What celebrations will we see after Semifinal 2? We’ll just have to wait 48 hours longer to see!

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