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🇨🇿 Czech jury votes face removal from Grand Final result due to rule violation

All jurors must be citizens of the country they are voting from

In our Voting Quirks feature, we uncovered interesting patterns in the voting of Eurovision 2021. However, we are not the only ones to run through the votes with a fine-tooth comb. For example, fans may fondly remember the Belarussian jury votes being thrown out back in 2019 (simpler times). Now, the Czech Republic’s jury votes may face a similar fate due to a different rule violation.

UPDATE: The Head of Press for the Czech Republic Ahmad Halloun has since clarified on social media that the broadcaster had received permission in April to have Tonya Graves on the jury. Therefore, the jury scores stand.

As reported by, the jury votes of the Czech Republic may be void due to a violation of EBU rules. One of the rules for jurors set by the EBU is that all jurors must be citizens of the country they are voting on behalf of. However, Tonya Graves, one of the Czech Republic’s five jurors, doesn’t have Czech citizenship. Graves, a US citizen, is a singer, actress and presenter based in Prague.

An EBU source has allegedly told the Czech site that the votes may be removed from the final result.

The Czech jurors were as follows:

  • Boris Carloff
  • Debbi
  • Elis Mraz
  • Miro Žbirka
  • Tonya Graves

Thankfully, the results would be unchanged regardless

The jury votes from the Czech Republic were as follows:

  • 12 points –  Portugal
  • 10 points –  France
  • 8 points –  Iceland
  • 7 points –  Malta
  • 6 points –  Italy
  • 5 points –  Switzerland
  • 4 points –  Bulgaria
  • 3 Points –  Belgium
  • 2 points –  Russia
  • 1 point –  Finland

As calculated by Eurovoix, the removal of these votes would not change any of the positions, unlike the Belarusian voting blunder of 2019. The only change is that the tiebreak between Greece and Bulgaria would be broken and conclusively place Bulgaria in 11th.

The revised top 10 would be as follows:

  1. Italy – 518 points (-6)
  2. France – 489 points (-10)
  3. Switzerland – 427 points (-5)
  4. Iceland – 370 points (-8)
  5. Ukraine – 364 points (-0)
  6. Finland – 301 points (-1)
  7. Malta – 248 points (-7)
  8. Lithuania – 220 points (-0)
  9. Russia – 202 points (-2)
  10. Greece – 170 points (-0)

Further, the removal of the semi-final votes would not change the qualifiers either. The only change would be Finland placing 4th over Portugal.

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  1. It is more likely that the Czech votes will be replaced by the average score of 5 countries that are similar to the Czech Republic, just like what happened with the Belarussian votes in 2019. Which countries are considered similar to the Czech Rebuplic is predetermined.

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