Turin 2022🇸🇮 Slovenia

🇸🇮 RTVSLO announce the return of EMA Freš

Slovenia starts their Turin adventure

The selection of Slovenia’s representative for Eurovision 2022 will; like in 2020, take place in two parts.

The first stage will have 24 newcomers competing in Ema Freš. Out of these, four winners will take part in the EMA 2022. These will join 16 other established musicians.

You must be Freš to compete.

There are conditions that must be met for one to compete. You must be 30 years old or younger and have released a maximum of three songs. These entries will compete on the Ema Freš online pre-selection. Thus, 24 songs will be presented online over four weeks this year. Out of 24 songs, 14 will remain after four weeks of complete.

EMA 2022 taking shape.

Ema 2022 selection will take place over three weeks. There will be two semi finals and a grand final. Eight established musicians and two winners from Ema Freš, will perform in each semi final. The jury and telephone voters will select six finalists in each semi-final. Three each.

Twelve of the selected will perform on the big stage of the finals of the Emma 2022 selection. The best will be decided together (in a ratio of 50:50) by spectators and five five-member juries.

You can see the full selection process in these handy diagrams below. These are in Slovenian.

Where do you sign up?

RTV Slovenia invites all interested music performers and authors to present themselves at the Ema Freš and Ema 2022 selections and to compete in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Applications are open from 8 October to 22 November 2021 via the online form HERE, the official invitation to participate in the selection and the rules of participation can be found HERE and HERE.

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