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Germany to return to national final format in 2022

Germany will be returning to a national final format for the first time since 2019. A show potentially named ‘Unser Lied für Turin’ will be used as the selection process for the country’s next entry to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Germany’s selection process will return to a national final. The title of the show is likely to be ‘Unser Lied für Turin’. This is in keeping with the format of previous shows such as ‘Unser Lied für Malmö’ (2013). Five acts will compete to be Germany’s next Eurovision entry. This is according to radio station Bayern3, a radio station under the German Eurovision broadcaster ARD, and reported on by German Eurovision site ESC-Kompakt, who provided the above speculation with regards the name, as some reports have the title as ‘Lied für Turin’. Adding on the ‘Unser’ would, as above, be in keeping with previous shows.

As recently reported, the German delegation is seeking to simplify the selection process, so a revamp is not wholly unexpected.

Interested artists can apply at eurovision.de/bewerben. However, it should be noted that at time of writing, that site is not yet live. The usual ESC rules for songs being three minutes or under will apply. A panel of expert juries will select the five songs that will make up the show.

Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest

Germany has had mixed fortunes in recent Eurovision Song Contests. They automatically qualify for the final as one of the Big 5, but that has not helped much. The country had selected their entry internally for 2020 and 2021. For the latter result, Jendrik finished in 25th place with 3 points. Prior to that, Germany has finished 25th or lower in every contest since 2015, with the exception of 2018, where Michael Schulte came 4th with ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’.

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