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NDR to simplify selection process ahead of Eurovision 2022?

"I had the feeling that last time the selection rules were too complicated."

Back in June, shortly after Jendrik’s 25th place finish in Rotterdam, German Head of Delegation Alexandra Wolfslast discussed reevaluating their selection method going forward. Although their exact format has not been revealed, NDR’s Programming Director has stated their intention to simplify their selection process going forward.

Just one week after the 2021 Grand Final, Head of Delegation Alexandra Wolfslast shared her response to Germany’s result in Rotterdam and her reflections on NDR’s current selection method.

Speaking to DWDL.de, the programming director of NDR, Frank Beckmann, has teased the broadcaster’s intention to simplify the selection process going forward.

Of course we want to become more competitive. This also includes simplifying the selection process. I had the feeling that last time the selection rules were too complicated. We want to adapt them in a way so that it can be explained in two sentences. The Eurovision Song Contest will be seen as a task for the whole ARD, more than ever before.

Frank Beckmann, Programming Director of NDR

For the past two editions, NDR have used a dual jury system to select their entry. This system is also used by Switzerland’s SRG SSR. The format is designed to simulate a cross-section of viewers’ tastes. Although the selection method of 2022 has not been confirmed, Beckmann stated his intention to better leverage the broadcaster’s TV, radio and online platforms in regards to Eurovision.

Germany’s recent Eurovision history

As one of the largest financial contributors to the EBU, Germany is one of the “Big 5”, guaranteeing them a place in the Grand Final each year. Germany’s recent results have been mixed. Despite winning the contest just over a decade ago with Lena’s “Satellite”, they have been in the bottom two of the scoreboard every year since 2015, with one exception. This sole exception was Michael Schulte’s “You Let Me Walk Alone”, finishing 4th in Lisbon with 340 points.

In 2020, 23-year-old singer-songwriter Ben Dolic was selected by NDR to represent Germany with “Violent Thing”. The track was well received both domestically and internationally, but following the cancellation of the contest, Dolic opted to not go ahead for the 2021 contest.

The same format used in 2020 was then used to select Jendrik’s “I Don’t Feel Hate” in Rotterdam this year. The entry placed 25th with 3 points, notably being one of four entries to receive zero points from the televote. However, as our Voting Quirks feature revealed, they averaged a 17.2 ranking across the televoting public.

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