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RTVSLO announce EMA Freš 2022 artists

Eurovision 2022 national finals season is just around the corner with Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO recently releasing the names of the 24 young Slovenian artists who are participating in EMA Freš 2022.

National Finals season for Eurovision 2022 is well underway. On Friday, Slovenian broadcaster RTVSLO released the names and songs of the 24 lucky participants out of the 127 submissions that will be participating in EMA Freš, which is a wildcard selection that will give young and upcoming Slovenian musicians a chance to compete in the 2022 edition of the Slovenian National Final, EMA.

Source: RTVSLO

Songs and Artists

Below is a list of the songs and artists that will be competing in EMA Freš.

  1. Hočem Da – Ain’t Harmony
  2. Maniac – Anja Vodošek
  3. Obstajam – De Liri
  4. A Sem Dovolj? – Ella
  5. Moja Sreča – Emma
  6. Črno-Bela – Evita
  7. Gremo Naprej – Hvala Brothers
  8. Moj Dopamin – Ina
  9. Svoje Sreče Krojač – Jaka Hliš
  10. Jesus Style – Jon Vitezič
  11. Levo In Desno – Katja Korošec
  12. Deadly Flower – Katja Kos
  13. Ko Sva Se Prvič Spoznala – Lara Dovier
  14. Moja Lekcija – Larayul
  15. Naked – Leya Leanne
  16. Disco – LPS (Last Pizza Slice)
  17. All In – Luma
  18. I Am So In Love – Marijan Novak & Špela Velikanje
  19. Telenovela – Mia Vučkovic
  20. Iščem – Mit Ja Dragon
  21. Magnum Opus – Neli Jerot
  22. Počakaj Me – Nika S
  23. Will You Be Enough – Nina Sodnik
  24. Tu In Zdaj – Stela Sofia


In late November to December, all 24 artists will compete in a knockout-style duel. From Monday November 29 until Thursday December 16, two songs will be presented each Monday to Thursday of that week. This will go on for three consecutive weeks on the MMC RTV Slovenia website. Each day, viewers will vote on who they believe deserves a place in the next round. Once the four finalists of the week are decided, only three will directly proceed to the next stage. Two will be decided by online viewers, whilst the other place will be selected by an expert committee. These three weekly winners will qualify for the second part of EMA Freš.

Each Saturday of the knockout rounds weeks, a panel of young Slovenian musicians, comprising of Joker Out singer Bojan Cvjetićanin, singer Eva Boto and rapper Arne will analyse and unpack the finalists in a webcast by Ema Freš.  

By the end of the three weeks, 9 artists will proceed to the final of EMA Freš. Take a look at the helpful graphic below to understand the process better.

Source: RTVSLO

In the week from 20 to 24 December, the remaining 15 artists who did not make it through the knockout rounds will get a second chance to secure the remaining 6 spots in the final. Each day, three performers will present their songs online, and the 5 daily winners of the online voting will join the other 9 artists in the EMA Freš 2022 final. See the graphic below again.

Source: RTVSLO


In January 2022 (date TBC), all 14 finalists will compete in two separate television shows on Television Slovenia. From each show, two songs will be chosen to compete in EMA 2022. One will be chosen by the audience via telephone voting, and the other by an expert jury. The final four acts remaining will then join 16 established musicians to compete for the chance to represent Slovenia at Eurovision in EMA 2022.

This initiative by RTVSLO will welcome a new generation of budding Slovenian artists who dream to make it big, and also increase their exposure in the Slovenian and European music scenes. Who will follow in Ana Soklič’s footsteps? We can only wait and see.

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