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OGAE Greece hint at live-on-tape recordings in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has already cancelled Eurovision once in 2020 and it seems that organisers aren't taking any more chances, with reports that live-on-tape recordings will continue in 2022.

OGAE Greece has suggested that the live-on-tape recordings used as a backup in 2021 will again be utilised at Eurovision 2022. Also, they report that all delegations have already been informed so that they can prepare accordingly.

What are live-on-tape recordings?

In late 2020, the EBU introduced live-on-tape recordings to ensure that Eurovision would go ahead in all circumstances – pandemic, rain, hail, or shine! See here for more details.

How do live-on-tape recordings help?

Firstly, we cannot compare live-on-tape recordings to performing on the Eurovision stage. However, they provide a much better alternative to artists inhibited from taking part in the contest.

Take for instance, Montaigne, Australia’s representative in 2021. Australia’s strict travel restrictions and quarantine expenses inhibited Montaigne from travelling to Rotterdam this year. However, this did not completely dampen her participation in Eurovision. Instead, the big screens in Rotterdam showed her pre-recorded live performance.

If live-on-tape recordings are continuing, we can safely assume that the same will apply to rehearsal clips. If a delegation has already participated in rehearsals, they will likely have the opportunity to show their rehearsal clip in case of any mishaps. This was the case for Icelandic group Daði od Gagnamagnið, where a group member tested positive for COVID-19 prior the semi final.

Success of live-on-tape recordings

The success of live-on-tape entries stacked up against songs performed live is uncertain. Montaigne’s Live-On-Tape performance of “Technicolour” was the first song in Australia’s Eurovision history to not qualify to the Grand Final. Not being able to dazzle fans in Rotterdam arguably played a part in Australia’s previously untainted qualification history. However, the fact that Daði & Gagnamagnið were able to secure a 4th placing in the Grand Final in Rotterdam just from their rehearsal video bodes well for future usage of live-on-tape recordings or rehearsal footage. All in all, it is a no-brainer that any opportunity for the show to proceed would be the preferred option.

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