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First details of the Eurovision 2022 stage revealed

The branding and slogan for Eurovision 2022 were confirmed yesterday. Now Italian fan site Eurofestival reported technical details on the stage to feature in Turin’s Pala Olimpico next May.

As we know, every year the stage takes, well… centre stage in the Contest. Innovative design, unique technical features, moving screens, travelling lights. All eccentricities are on the table to wow the audience and deliver the most impressive show. And according to a document seen by Eurofestival News, the stage should once again be spectacular this year.

Seven platforms sliding 180° left and right will carry a central wall and 6 concentric arches, for a diameter of 19 m and a height of 9.5 m. For the more imaginative of us, you may picture several Roman arches mimicking the famous architecture of the Colosseum. No idea why, right?

Brining Ancient Roman style into the 21st century, the document mentions hatch-lights, drawbridges, LED walls. This will necessitate a metallic structure spanning 630 m2 and 2 m high. Four floor portions will be able to rotate, and two elevations will form a walkable space made of glass. Yes, a see-through lane which we can expect to contain more cameras and lights. In other words: so many options for spectacular staging!

From “A Modern Fairytale” to “The Sound of Beauty”

Photos of banners in Turin were posted on Twitter yesterday showing this year’s branding. It adopts a predominantly purple colour scheme with the slogan “The Sound of Beauty” at the top. It is unknown whether there will be a separate logo alongside the branding.

“The Sound of Beauty” would be the third four-word slogan, after Istanbul’s “Under the Same Sky” in 2004 and Dusseldorf’s “Feel Your Heart Beat” in 2011. We’ve debated the subject of slogans in the past, after some slogans have arguably been popular among fans. “All Aboard” came as the favourite slogan in our Xtra editor vote back in 2019, with 86% of the votes.

Slogans often showcase a country’s culture – is this the case for Turin? We will probably see the slogan built into more advertising over the next few months. Several Twitter users have shared their finds of the – brand – new branding on Twitter. As many fans were wondering when they would get the first glimpse of branding.


41 countries will take part in this year’s contest in Turin, with the return of Armenia and Montenegro. It was announced in October that Turin would host the contest, after beating out 16 other potential host cities. The contest will be held in the PalaOlimpico with the grand final on Saturday 14th May.

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