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XTRA DECIDES: 🇮🇪 Brooke – That’s Rich

XTRA Decides returns for the Eurovision 2022 season! In this feature the team here at ESCXTRA rank the national final songs, giving our choice of the winner. We are ranking the songs using the Eurovision style 12-1 scoring system. We’ve now chosen Brooke with ‘That’s Rich’ as our winner of Ireland’s national selection.

Our Scores

1Brooke – “That’s Rich”18613
2Rachel Goode – “I’m Loving Me”1280
3Brendan Murray – “Real Love”1242
4Janet Grogan – “Ashes of Yesterday”1220
5Patrick O’Sullivan – One Night, One Kiss, One Promise1191
6Miles Graham – Yeah, We’re Gonna Get Out Of It890


Ally (12pts)

“My thoughts about this song all boil down to a simple phrase – Ireland, you have to send this. It is as simple as that. This ticks so many boxes for me as a song and as a potential Eurovision song. It’s a bop, which gets a massive tick from me. It’s modern, and radio friendly, which I must admit it is not normally my kind of song. One problem that Ireland has had in the last decade or so is that they haven’t for the most part picked modern, radio friendly songs, which although modern pop doesn’t always do well, it often does. Regardless, this song is the best chance Ireland have of a decent result this year, so if Ireland want to start the rebuild this year, it is imperative that they pick this song. As much as there are other songs in this year’s selection that I also love, I’m not certain they will get a result anywhere near as good as ‘That’s Rich’ would. The only question I have is around how it will sound live, but that is what a National Final is for I guess.

Tom R (12pts)

Ireland could have really capitalised on the small national final format that the Czech Republic has really honed now. But instead, we’ve got a weak national final that’s still being produced as part of a Friday night talk show… I guess it’s better than an internal selection. Anyway, out of the selection, we find one stand out song. “That’s Rich” is a very well-produced pop song, but it just screams “11th place in the semi-final”. Though that would be miles better than any Irish showing in recent years, I don’t think Brooke is going to be the breakout star that people seem to be thinking with Ireland. It’s a good song, and it could sneak into the final, but it all depends on the live performance.

Lisa (12pts)

As soon as Brooke was rumoured I was excited, because I enjoyed her previous single ‘Attention’. So I was not surprised that ‘That’s Rich’ is also an in your face, pop anthem. The hook stays in your head and the whole song just sounds so modern and fresh for Ireland. Already she is showing her knowledge of the contest and what will be expected. You can’t ask for more than that, especially with her The Voice experience as well. This is a package Ireland can get a qualification, as well as some chart success with. I just hope that tiny Late Late studio can show off the song to its fullest potential. Otherwise there’s a risk that Ireland could go with a safer option and that would be a massive shame.

Nick (10pts)

Yeah, there is no discussion that this is indeed by far the most competitive option Ireland have put forward. Brooke is a very competent artist in this studio version at least. It’s a strong female pop anthem and it would be so un-Irish to send the most contemporary entry out there… You know, I absolutely dread to think how this will come across on The Late Late Show (as standing still with a ballad is probably the only decent option for that set…), but if there’s any justice… this would be Ireland’s next entry. I have it second, but that’s more down to me being a bit of a weirdo than this song actually being second best. Ireland, do it. Just… for your own good. Okay?

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