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Filming of Eurovision 2022 postcards begins

Rai has reportedly began the filming for the Eurovision 2022 postcards! The filming went ahead with Perugia as the first filming location.

Filming postcards across Italy!

Rai is opting to show us the wonders of Italy during each country’s postcards for the upcoming contest! With the filming starting with the historic Perugia, the audience will go on a tour across several Italian cities while we get to know the artists in their postcard. The theme of the postcards will be the beauty of the Italian land, while always connecting with the slogan of this year’s contest “The Sound of Beauty“. However, the rest of the locations as well as the exact concept for the postcards are still unknown.

Last year, due to the travel restrictions, the contest organizers had to depart from the original plan for the postcards. Instead of filming in the host country, each artist filmed their postcard in their home country. These footage were later inserted into a tiny house set-up in various locations across the Netherlands.

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