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Subwoolfer release ‘Give That Wolf A Romantic Banana’

Their Melodi Grand Prix 2022 entry gets a new downtempo twist!

It is New Music Friday and today Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2022 stars Subwoolfer, have an early Valentine’s Day present in the release of ‘GIve That Wolf A Romantic Banana’. A love ballad version of their original ‘GIve That Wolf A Banana’ entry, ahead of the Final on February 19.

‘Give That Wolf A Romantic Banana’

Ever since the origins of sound, one discourse has always divided music lovers. That of bangers vs ballads. But what if there was another way? Can we ever truly have the best of both worlds? Finally our intergalactic space wolves, Subwoolfer have the answer.

Today they have released a new take on their Melodi Grand Prix 2022 entry in ‘Give That Wolf A Romantic Banana’. From the rousing, orchestral string instrumentation in this downtempo love anthem, to the marital church bells crescendo, this will make you feel as warm and soft as any neon yellow wolf looking to swap their carnivorous ways for bananas and romance. Not only have Subwoolfer saved all the grandmas on Earth, they have instilled world peace between the banger and ballad lovers.

Along with the single, they have released a music video directed by Helene Spilling. Which sees dancers, Christiane Bergersen and Lars Henriksen bring the romantic tale to life through a dramatic 80s filter.

Subwoolfer, known across the galaxy for their out and out bangers, give Subcubs a rare glimpse at their softer side, with this remix by the infamous ‘Chihuahua Hunters’. No one likes a soft banana, but whether you are heading to the dance floor, or to bed for wolf making with your beloved, here is a song guaranteed to keep you up all night. Perfect for valentines day. Or mothers day. Probably best not to confuse the 2…..but whatever floats your spaceship…..


Subwoolfer in Melodi Grand Prix 2022

So far Subwoolfer’s adventures on Earth have not been easy. Although the duo had certainty of a place in the Melodi Grand Prix Final, due to being automatic pre-qualifiers, recently they had a scare with a positive Covid-19 test. However to accommodate our new guests from beyond the galaxies, NRK allowed Subwoolfer to swap their Semi-Final performance slot with earthling boyband NorthKid. 

Last weekend we finally got to see what happens when you give that wolf a banana, in a well-polished stage performance ahead of the Final on February 19. Where we also saw DJ Astronaut hit the decks. Already the song is firmly at the top of the Norway Viral 50 Spotify charts, as well as having over 275k views on YouTube.

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