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Subwoolfer to miss MGP this week due to infection

Subwoolfer have been infected with Covid-19 and will miss Melodi Grand Prix this week, NRK reports.

On our journey of discovery around the earth, we met a creature called omicron! 


The duo were due to perform on this Saturday’s third semi-final of Melodi Grand Prix 2022. Due to a Covid-19 infection they will now have to wait until next Saturday to debut their performance. Their song ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ is pre-qualified for the grand final therefore would not of been competing. Northkid will step in to replace them on Saturday.

We are working hard to keep this year’s production afloat, but the audience should know that nothing stops the Melodi Grand Prix. Nor a pandemic.

Stig Karlsen, head of MGP

Semi Final 3

  • Mari Bølla – Your Loss
  • Oda Gondrosen – Hammer Of Thor
  • Sturla – Skår i hjertet
  • Vilde – Titans

The Melodi Grand Prix 2022 format

All the semi-finals as well as the grand final will be broadcast from the H3 Arena at Fornebu, outside of Oslo. Annika Momrak, Mikkel Niva and Kåre Magnus Bergh will host the shows.

  • Semi-Final One – January 15
  • Semi-Final Two – January 22
  • Semi-Final Three – January 29
  • Semi-Final Four – February 5
  • Wildcard / Last Chance – February 12
  • Grand Final – February 19

Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest

The Scandinavian nation debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1960 with Nora Brockstedt and her song ‘Voi Voi’, placing fourth. Since their debut, Norway has managed to win three times (1985, 1995 & 2009).

Melodi Grand Prix 2021 was won by TIX, who represented Norway at Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. His song ‘Fallen Angel’ qualified from the semi-final in 10th place. In the final, TIX finished in 18th place scoring 75 points.

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