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LPS to keep ‘Disko’ in Slovenian for Eurovision

The Slovenian entrants for Eurovision, LPS, have confirmed that they will keep their entry ‘Disko’ in Slovenian at Eurovision. LPS will bring the Slovene language to Turin in May.

Speaking to RTVSLO, LPS talked about their plans for the contest and their feelings since winning the Slovenian national selection, EMA, last week. A series of questions was put to them by users of the broadcaster’s online chat room.

Among the questions asked to them in this informal interview was a question on whether their song, “Disko”, would remain the same, or if changes would be made to any part of the performance. Responding to this, they confirmed that the lyrics would remain in Slovenian. The musical arrangement will also remain the same. They are however still working on the performance.

Written ‘half a year ago’

Another question put to them was about where ‘Disko’ was written. LPS replied that it was written about half a year ago, during a rehearsal in August. They answered a question about their career with their desire to show themselves to an international audience.

Speaking so soon after winning the national selection, they have made few plans about the Eurovision performance itself. However, they spoke positively about the rehearsal opportunities gained through taking part in EMA. They added that “We will adapt to the bigger stage, but most of all we will enjoy it as much as possible.”

The Slovene language at Eurovision

Slovenia is no stranger to singing in their own language at Eurovision. The last time Slovenia appeared in the Grand Final in 2019, Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl performed “Sebi” in Slovenian, finishing 15th. In total, Slovenia has chosen songs for Eurovision that contain at least some Slovenian 12 times since the start of the 21st century, including their planned participation in 2020 where Ana Soklič planned to sing in Slovenian with “Voda”.

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