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Full results of Melodifestivalen 2022 out

SVT have released the full results of Melodifestivalen 2022. They show the full voting breakdown with all voting numbers revealed. Due to the system used this year, the winner of each semi-final was already known, with the full results showing the scale of their victory.

Semifinal 1

SongTotal votesRound 1 #Round 2 (points)#
Malou Prytz – Bananas16 07311 666 7.16.
THEOZ – Som Du Vill25 71218 5934.83.
Shirley Clamp – Let There Be Angels16 89612 2906.35.
Omar Rudberg – Moving Like That21 17715 0345.54.
Danne Stråhed – Hallabaloo30 43822 6113.102.
Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer57 79057 7901.
Robin Bengtsson – Innocent Love39 91027 1672.121.

Semifinal 1’s app voting failed and demographic results are not available. The full intended voting system was not put in place for this round and only telephone votes were counted.

Cornelia Jakobs was the clear winner of this semifinal regardless, over 30 000 votes ahead of her nearest rival Robin Bengtsson in round 1. The order of Robin > Danne > THEOZ held from round 1 into round 2 and these were the qualifiers from this heat.

Semifinal 2

SongTotal votesRound 1#Round 2 (points)#
LIAMOO – Bluffin’1 251 9621 251 9621.
Niello & Lisa Ajax – Tror Du Att Jag Bryr Mig1 123 776729 1737.216.
Samira Manners – I Want To Be Loved1 402 217918 8016.354.
Alvaro Estrella – Suave1 733 4281 101 3163.692.
Browsing Collection – Face In The Crowd1 422 860934 6565.335.
John Lundvik – Änglavakt1 982 6351 203 8992.921.
Tone Sekelius – My Way1 617 926946 8614.623.

LIAMOO and John Lundvik advanced to the final from this semifinal. As the app voting now worked, a full demographic lineup was applied to the results of this semifinal. The vote totals are of course a lot higher to account for the majority of votes coming from the app. LIAMOO went through and avoided the second round.

The second round was kind to Tone Sekelius, who was only 12 000 votes ahead of Browsing Collection after round 1, but finished nearly 200 000 votes and 29 points ahead of them. Due to Round 2 being ordered on demographic points, Browsing Collection also finished behind Samira Manners.

John Lundvik was the favourite of every demographic age group aside from 3-9, who preferred Alvaro Estrella.

Semifinal 3

SongTotal votesRound 1#Round 2 (points)#
Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough1 311 332814 9044.673.
Lancelot – Lyckligt Slut1 089 664701 1516.355.
Lisa Miskovsky – Best To Come1 436 672885 6473.752.
Tribe Friday – Shut Me Up1 034 037665 1767.196.
Faith Kakembo – Freedom1 761 7251 076 2132.791.
Linda Bengtzing – Fyrfaldigt hurra!1 134 550729 9745.374.
Anders Bagge – Bigger Than The Universe1 717 6641 717 6641.

Anders Bagge and Faith Kakembo advanced to the final from this semifinal. 650 000 votes clear, this was a clear victory for Anders Bagge, who showed off incredible skill at getting the televotes of Swedes during this competition. The other competing songs continued their round 1 placings with vote numbers, with Tribe Friday and Lancelot bringing up the rear.

Lisa Miskovsky was over 300 000 votes short of Faith Kakembo overall, but due to performing well on the demographic vote, she came within 4 votes of the final in the second round of this semifinal. Lisa Miskovsky was the favourite of all demographic groups 45+, while groupings from 10-44 preferred Faith Kakembo, and the 3-9 group preferred Cazzi Opeia.

Semifinal 4

SongTotal votesRound 1#Round 2 (points)#
Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power1 397 767878 0894.732.
Lillayster – Till Our Days Are Over1 482 040921 6583.653.
Malin Christin – Synd Om Dig737 416520 2016.166.
Tenori – La Stella767 423508 0627.375.
Medina – In I Dimman1 807 7881 071 5082.841.
Angelino – The End1 047 227679 7995.374.
Klara Hammarström – Run To The Hills1 184 1821 184 1821.

Klara Hammarström and Medina advanced to the final from this semifinal. Klara scored a convincing victory with over 100 000 votes between her and Medina.

On the other end, Malin Christin and Tenori were, discounting semifinal 1, the two lowest-voted songs of the competition, with the former ahead in round 1, but with Tenori ending up ahead on total votes and scoring much better with demographics.

In the second round, Medina, Anna Bergendahl and Lillayster were well clear of their rivals in advancing to further rounds. Anna Bergendahl was the favourite of the oldest age groups, the 60+ range, while Lillayster was the favourite of the 45-59 group. Medina was the favourite of all other age groups.

Semifinal 5

Song (Group 1)Total votesPoints#
Tone Sekelius – My Way 1 185 407861.
Alvaro Estrella – Suave1 045 540713.
Danne Stråhed – Hallabaloo640 928464.
Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power863 838772.
Song (Group 2)Total votesPoints#
THEOZ – Som Du Vill968 353712.
Lisa Miskovsky – Best To Come898 141683.
Lillayster – Till Our Days Are Over813 402654.
Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough844 189761.

The finalists from this semi were Tone Sekelius, Anna Bergendahl, THEOZ and Cazzi Opeia. In this semifinal, every song in each of the two groups received 12, 10, 8 and 5 points from each demographic group.

Anna Bergendahl and Cazzi Opeia were favoured from the demographic voting system, as they received less votes overall than Alvaro Estrella and Lisa Miskovsky in their respective groups.

In Cazzi Opeia’s case, she got the third-most votes in her group but finished first, even ahead of THEOZ. She got 10 or 8 points from every single demographic group, while all three of her rivals scored a mix of 12s and 5s, which allowed her to win this group by appealing to all demographics.

Final (public vote only)

SongTotal votesTotal points (jury and televote)#
Klara Hammarström – Run To The Hills2 409 631836.
THEOZ – Som Du Vill1 594 285657.
Anna Bergendahl – Higher Power1 056 0352912.
John Lundvik – Änglavakt1 324 091608.
Tone Sekelius – My Way 2 113 374845.
Anders Bagge – Bigger Than The Universe3 464 1371212.
Robin Bengtsson – Innocent Love1 157 1173411.
Faith Kakembo – Freedom1 268 0695110.
LIAMOO – Bluffin’1 506 098914.
Cornelia Jakobs – Hold Me Closer2 937 4011461.
Cazzi Opeia – I Can’t Get Enough1 488 320559.
Medina – In I Dimman2 129 1131093.

Anders Bagge won the Swedish televote. As Cornelia Jakobs outperformed him on the jury and was a strong second on the televote, she scored enough to win the competition overall. She will represent Sweden in Eurovision 2022 with ‘Hold Me Closer’.

Anders was the favourite of most demographic groups in the final, which contributed to his score of 90 televote points to Cornelia’s 70. Cornelia was the favourite of the 16-29 group, while the 3-9 group preferred THEOZ.

You can see the full results of the final, including the televote/jury split, here.

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