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Citi Zēni releases “Eat Your Salad” music video

The band won Latvia’s national final Supernova on February 12th, and have since been steadily gaining international attention with their message of saving the planet by going green! Now, Citi Zēni has released the music video to accompany their song “Eat Your Salad”.

Music video

In the video, dating show with 70s aesthetics is shown. The 3 male contestants (including band member Janis Petersons) have to impress the woman, who can choose only one of them. The song plays as they describe themselves, after which one contestant is eliminated. Eventually a fight between the remaining two contestants ensues, causing one of them to get eliminated as well. In the end, the Citi Zēni band member is selected and wins a trip to, of course, Turin!

You can watch the video here:

Citi Zēni’s Eurovision journey

The Latvian boys already caught the attention of Eurovision fans back when all the Supernova entries were released. The opening lyric is something you don’t forget very soon, and the rest of the song similarly preaches how going green can be sexy and fun, as well as a helping hand in protecting the environment. Their preaches about recycling, going vegetarian, and biking instead of driving certainly struck a chord with the Latvian public. They won Supernova with the majority of both the public and jury vote, surprising both the bookmakers and Eurovision Prediction players!

Since then, Citi Zēni has been busy preparing for their Eurovision performance in the first half of the First Semi Final on May 12th in Turin, Italy. However, they’re making a few stops along the way in Barcelona and Amsterdam. At Eurovision, they hope to bring Latvia back to the final for the first time since 2016.

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