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Here are the spokespersons for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2022!

The spokespersons for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 have been revealed. Forty local celebrities will hand out the twelve points of their national juries tonight. Among them, we see several Eurovision winners. Check out the full list below!

Linda Martin and Tanel Padar lead list of spokespersons

As we said, there are several Eurovision winners on the list: Linda Martin, famous for her Eurovision 1992 victory, will hand out Ireland’s votes. Tanel Padar, who won Eurovision alongside Dave Benton and 2XL in 2001, will do the same for Estonia.

Other countries have opted to ask former representatives to present their votes. We see 2021 entrants Jeangu Macrooy (The Netherlands), Stefania (Greece), Kateryna Pavlenko (GO_A, Ukraine), Vaidotas Valiukevičius (The Roop, Lithuania), Pedro Tatanka (The Black Mamba, Portugal) and Samanta Tīna (Latvia). Iceland have gone with Daði Freyr’s wife, who was also part of the Gagnamagnið: Árný Fjóla.

In similar fashion, Finland have brought back Aksel, who was supposed to represent them in 2020. North Macedonia in return have asked 2017 representative Jana Burčeska. We also see a set of national final faces coming up on our screens tonight, with Courtney Act (Australia), Dotter (Sweden), Aidan (Malta) and Labiuse (San Marino).

Élodie Gossuin (France), Ida Nowakowska (Poland) and Helen Kalandadze (Georgia) are the former Junior Eurovision hosts in the pack tonight. With AJ Odudu, the United Kingdom have chosen a local television host. Bulgaria have done the same with Janan Dural.

And then there’s a group of countries who seem to have the same spokesperson year after year: Loukas Hamatsos is here for Cyprus, with Nieves Álvarez, Andri Xhahu and Barbara Schöneberger taking on the honourable task for Spain, Albania and Germany respectively. Just before noon CEST today, Moldova is the only country not to have revealed their spokesperson yet.

The full list of spokespersons

Below you can see the full list of spokespersons for tonight’s Grand Final of Eurovision 2022. The order below is also the order in which the results will be revealed tonight.

  1. The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy
  2. San Marino: Labiuse
  3. North Macedonia: Jana Burčeska
  4. Malta: Aidan
  5. Ukraine: Kateryna Pavlenko
  6. Albania: Andri Xhahu
  7. Estonia: Tanel Padar
  8. Azerbaijan: Narmin Salmanova
  9. Portugal: Pedro Tatanka
  10. Germany: Barbara Schöneberger
  11. Belgium: David Jeanmotte
  12. Norway: TIX
  13. Israel: Daniel Styopin
  14. Poland: Ida Nowakowska
  15. Greece: Stefania
  16. Moldova: TBA
  17. Bulgaria: Janan Dural
  18. Serbia: Dragana Kosjerina
  19. Iceland: Árný Fjóla
  20. Cyprus: Loukas Hamatsos
  21. Latvia: Samanta Tīna
  22. Spain: Nieves Álvarez
  23. Switzerland: Julie Berthollet
  24. Denmark: Tina Müller
  25. France: Élodie Gossuin
  26. Armenia: Garik Papoyan
  27. Montenegro: Andrijana Vešović
  28. Romania: Eda Marcus
  29. Ireland: Linda Martin
  30. Slovenia: Lorella Flego
  31. Georgia: Helen Kalandadze
  32. Croatia: Ivan Dorian Molnar
  33. Lithuania: Vaidotas Valiukevičius
  34. Austria: Philipp Hansa
  35. Finland: Aksel
  36. United Kingdom: AJ Odudu
  37. Sweden: Dotter
  38. Australia: Courtney Act
  39. Czech Republic: Taťána Kuchařová
  40. Italy: Carolina Di Domenico

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  1. I think the EBU need to look again at this segment. It does seem waste of time to present all these personalities when a) they only announce one number and b) the total result isn\’t even final. It would make more sense for them to announce the televote and then bolt on the jury vote, which is far more unpredicatble. I realise there are time constraints.

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