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Laura Pausini explains absence during Eurovision voting segment

In a statement on Instagram, Laura Pausini has explained the reasons behind her sudden absence during the voting segment of the Eurovision Song Contest last night. The host was missing without reason during the jury voting, even though she had been rehearsing the part on both Friday and Saturday.

Laura Pausini resting on doctor’s orders

After the interval acts at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the jury voting started. Where, in all rehearsals, all three hosts took on the duty of leading the segment, we now only saw Mika and Alessandro Cattelan. The duo did not speak of Laura’s absence. About two thirds into the jury voting, Laura Pausini suddenly appeared once more.

On Instagram, the 47-year old singer states that a sudden drop in her blood pressure was the reason behind her missing the jury voting. She says that, after six months of hard work, the stress eventually got to her on the big night. Her doctors advised her to take at least a twenty minute break. On Friday, Pausini already skipped most of the first dress rehearsal in order to rest. She finishes her post by thanking her physicians, Alessandra and Noemi.

Laura Pausini assures her fans and followers that she is now fine. She also congratulated Ukraine on winning the contest last night.

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