National finals revisited: From Cyan Kicks to Pauline Chagne [Part 1]

Lisa Bird:
Nicole Azzopardi – Into The Fire (Malta)

I know it isn’t for everyone, however I personally find the Maltese national finals an enriching experience. Amongst all the 202 Jewellery and Hamilton Travel adverts, is a treasure trove of trash. Obviously it was clear straight away that Emma Muscat was going to win MESC, but ‘Into The Fire’ had me embracing pyromania. Nicole gave us everything and more! From the smoke machine and pyro curtain, through to the money notes and holograms to leave the ABBA Voyage concerts shaking. Yet all that effort was paid dust. I know the song is very Eurovision 2010s, but that’s what makes it even better!

Although it didn’t show off her full potential, Nicole is a proven singer, she reached the quarter-finals of X Factor Malta season 1. Sometimes you need a cheap banger to let your hair down to. That rave hall chorus would have had the arena bouncing and lit up Eurofansclub all week!

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