National finals revisited: From Cyan Kicks to Pauline Chagne [Part 1]

Nick van Lith:
Pauline Chagne – Nuit Pauline (France)

I am a very big fan of Mylène Farmer and therefore, it should be no surprise that this floats my boat. Back when France held their national final, “Fulenn” and “Nuit Pauline” were my top two by a distance. Seeing how Alvan & Ahez did in Turin makes me think how this would have done… Much better, I feel. Pauline Chagne delivered an enchanting performance, where she captivates the audience with the harp, her vocal runs and that amazing 80s synth sound. This Parisian actress and songstress is giving me everything I desire from a Eurovision song.

That’s it from us when it comes to the first few national final songs we wanted to revisit once more. We will be back next week, when we make a trip all around Europe, including Italy and another entry from Finland… Stay tuned!

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