National finals revisited: From Cyan Kicks to Pauline Chagne [Part 1]

Bo van Leijden:
Xeinn – Eco (Spain)

Imagine.. being at the Madrid pre-party. It’s the first night, that means Spanish National Selection night. You’re surrounded by happy, drinking Spaniards and you’re all having a good time. Then, a boy comes onto the stage and the crowd absolutely loses it. He starts singing his entry for this year’s Benidorm Fest and in that moment, you feel happier than you have been in a long time. That’s exactly what happened when I heard ECO by XEINN. Before this night, his song was already my favorite to win Benidorm Fest 2022. When Chanel won instead, I knew she would bring Spain a great result and I accepted XEINN’s fate.

But hearing that song again on the stage that night made me so sad that I wouldn’t be seeing him on a Eurovision stage as well. ‘ECO’ is so catchy, the melody playful and powerful at the same time. It honestly has been stuck in my head since that night and listening to it bring me right back into that memory. If you ever catch me smiling to myself while listening to music, chances are I’m listening to ECO!

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