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Steps admit they’re “a split camp” over Eurovision

Not a Eurovision year goes by without Steps claiming a Eurovision headline. The British pop group are always in sight when it comes to several Eurovision wishlists. Singer Faye Tozer has now told the Daily Star that they’re “a split camp” when it comes to the contest.

Steps unsure of Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest is a topic the five members of Steps have discussed before. In the new comments, it’s Faye Tozer who speaks out and says she wouldn’t do Eurovision as it wouldn’t “do them any favours”. Lee Latchford-Evans joins the ‘No’ camp. He also brings up the dreaded nil points and the UK stigma of a political contest, by saying:

It’s a very mixed camp and I agree with Faye. We’d like to do it for the experience if all the other bits weren’t there – the nil points, the politics.

Lee Latchford-Evans on Eurovision

Ian “H” Watkins is the biggest Eurovision supporter of the group. According to Tozer, he would do Eurovision in a heartbeat, with Claire Richards and Lisa Scott-Lee presumably open to the idea as well.

An everlasting story

Back in 2018, Steps became prominent in the Eurovision world. Their comeback single “Scared Of The Dark” won the OGAE Song Contest that year and Graham Norton explicitly spoke to the group about Eurovision. Despite firm earlier denials from all members except Watkins, the attitude then seemed to shift towards a potential ‘Yes’, although the incoming Brexit and thought that the UK would never do well still made them unsure.

A year later, it was Claire Richards who expressed her interest in Steps doing Eurovision, saying she was a firm “No”, but she now thought there was more to go on when it came to the contest. Before Tozer and Latchford-Evans yesterday, Lisa Scott-Lee was the last to comment in 2020, saying Eurovision was “a political forum, not a song contest“. Interestingly, Faye Tozer seems to think Lisa may be willing to do it after all, only eighteen months after Scott-Lee’s previous comments.

Will they ever do it? Probably not, as opinions just keep on changing… They shouldn’t have a fear of Eurovision killing careers, though, looking at the massive success Sam Ryder had just last night at the Platinum Jubilee Concert at Buckingham Palace.

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  1. No no no. Eurovision isn\’t a camp dated contest no more! This would make UK go backwards a dated 90s old pop band! They\’re all at least 40?! Cringe…\’s a NO!

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