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🇬🇧 Lisa Scott-Lee of Steps says Eurovision is “a no from us”

As they prepare the release of their sixth studio album ‘What Future Holds’, which features Eurovision alumni. The British-Pop group has once again been asked if they would be interested in representing the United Kingdom at the contest in the future. Unfortunately it’s not good news.

The group’s stance towards the contest arose, as they release their version of Jenny Silver’s ‘Something In Your Eyes‘, which competed at the 2011 edition of the Swedish Eurovision selection Melodifestivalen.

“It’s not a song contest now, it’s a political forum”

The group is currently signed through BMG UK, who is involved in selecting the UK’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

In an interview with Officialcharts, the group were asked if they would be interested in representing the United Kingdom at the contest in the future. Ian H Watkins, mentions “It’s a yes from me,” before Lisa-Lee steps in and says  “And it’s a no from us!”

However, H further elaborated that despite him wanting to compete at the competition, he mentions that as a collective they wouldn’t, “because it’s not a song contest now, it’s a political forum.”

However, Claire Richards mentioned that she is open to the idea of competing in the contest, saying:

 “If it were ever an option, we would have to go into thinking we’re not going to win and it’s just for the experience. At the end of the day millions of people watch it and if you want to sell an album throughout Europe, it gives you that opportunity.”

This is not the first time that Claire has mentioned that she is open to the idea. She has previously said that there is the potential for the group to compete.

Despite it not being a good news for Steps and Eurovision fans, at least we’ll get new material from the group, as they are due to release their new album ‘What The Future Holds’ on November 27.

Steps and Eurovision

Despite not taking part at Eurovision, the British Pop-Group has been put forward by OGAE UK as their entry for the 2018 OGAE Song Contest. Overwhelmingly, the OGAE members have agreed their choice and crowned it as their winner.

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  1. I love you steps .I am a fan of yours and I would like to have your new album. I have seen you in Cardiff once. And I would love to talk to you all on person so I can have your autograph

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