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Liverpool willing to host Eurovision 2023

Another British city has expressed their interest in being the host city of Eurovision 2023 and it ‘s a big one. As UNESCO ‘s City of Music and birthplace of the legendary band ‘The Beatles ‘, Liverpool makes a strong contender in the bidding war amongst cities in the UK right now.

Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, tweeted on Friday that Liverpool would step in as host city in support of Ukraine.

Furthermore, she gave some valid reasons as why Liverpool would be a good host city for Eurovision 2023.

โ€œWe stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and would like the opportunity for Liverpool to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest and in doing so pay tribute to their wonderful country. 

โ€œWe are an events city and no one can stage a party like us. Culture is synonymous with Liverpool and we tick all the boxes to be next yearโ€™s host โ€“ great venues, enviable experience, a world-renowned music heritage, UNESCO City of Music status and of course the warm Scouse welcome that just canโ€™t be beaten.

โ€œThe event would become a beacon of hope around the world and we hope that Liverpool as an unrivalled music brand is given serious consideration by the decision-makers.โ€

Joanne Anderson, mayor of Liverpool

Liverpool ‘s Director of Culture, Claire McColgan CBE, also thinks Liverpool would be up for the job of being a host city.

โ€œThe joy, colour and exuberance of Eurovision is intrinsically Liverpool. Itโ€™s a perfect match.

โ€œThis city knows how to stage an event, and more importantly how to stage it appropriately given the circumstances in which it has come to the UK. Liverpool is committed to doing all it can to mark, honour and promote Ukraine during the event and in doing so, ensure the global platform is used to celebrate national identity, creativity and extraordinary resolve.โ€ 

Claire McColgan CBE, Director of Culture Liverpool

In the United Kingdom, many cities are seemingly lining up to bring the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 to their cities. Below, you can find the full map of cities lining up. They include cities like GlasgowLondonCardiffSheffieldManchester and the most recent UK Eurovision host city, Birmingham. Meanwhile, The Guardian have suggested the EU could be preparing a rival bid for Brussels to host. At the same time, Prime Minster Johnson has said he wants the contest to take place in Ukraine after all.

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