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Cardiff express interest in a bid for Eurovision 2023

Cardiff joins the Eurovision 2023 host race!

In a busy day in the world of Eurovision, the potential bids are coming thick and fast to win the rights to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023, in the UK. This comes after the EBU released a statement today (Friday 17th June) stating that Ukraine will not be given the permission to host after Kalush Orchestra’s win in Turin.

70,000 arena capacity anyone?!

Cardiff lays claim to have one of the largest roofed arenas in the UK! The Principality Stadium in Cardiff is that arena. Home of the Welsh Rugby and Football teams and many global superstars. It’s got to be up for serious consideration. This would be the largest venue the contest has ever been held in.

These people seem to think so, ranging from Welsh Conservative leaders, the leader of the Cardiff Council and a Welsh Labour MP for Cardiff! As you can see this is united on a cross party consensus. As you can see in these tweets below.

Wales at Junior Eurovision

Wales and their Welsh language broadcaster S4C took part in the contest for two years in 2018 and 2019. However this was unsuccessful as Manw’s song “Perta” finished last in their debut year with 29 points. In their second year they were only able to get one place higher as Erin Mai and her song “Calon yn Curo” got 35 points.

Current potential bids coming from left and right

Of course there are plentiful cities in all corners of the UK expressing their wishes to host! Here at ESCXtra have an infographic on the latest bids!

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  1. I’m Welsh, and would love the contest to come here. We’ve had the Ryder Cup, Champions League final, and this year is hosting a hue WWE event. It’s a very special stadium (and I used to work there!), but I worry it’s simply too vast to be practical. It would take a clever stage design for performances be visible for most of the crown, and engaging for the cameras. ESC 2001 is held in a poor regard because (amoung other things) it’s dull atmosphere and staging. 2011 did a better job, but that stadium had a rectangular design which benefited it. Something may be possible with the curtain they have to make smaller configurations. The closest comparison we have is the 2010 Ryder Cup Concert.

    As many locals complain about train/road pressures, maybe a Welsh contest should wait for the construction of the new Cardiff Bay arena, provided UK wins that is!

    One last thing, shame we haven’t been recognised at JESC so far, but Wales has a strong presence at the choir contest!!

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