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London ready to host Eurovision 2023, says Mayor Khan

O2 Arena as potential venue

As the applications from English cities to become hosts of Eurovision are coming in, we see a lot of cities bidding: twelve so far. London is participating and could thus host the competition for the fifth time after the 1960, 1963, 1968 and 1977 editions.

Bidding process has commenced

The EBU, which produces the annual competition, said it was in talks with the BBC to host the competition instead of Ukraine, after concluding that the wartorn country was unable to do it.

No final decision on the host city has been made, but regional figures were quick to suggest that their city was best placed to host. This is why we find on the table a record of 12 cities, with in addition to London: Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and many others…

The O2 Arena in London

Which place ?

The event could take place either at the gigantic 20,000 capacity O2 Arena. Built to celebrate the second millennium, the O2 Arena is located in East London, almost surrounded by the River Thames. Also, the 12,500 capacity OVO Wembley Arena could also see an imposing stage built inside.

Sadiq Khan’s quick welcome

As soon as the information came out, the Mayor of London, tweeted: “Londonians would welcome Eurovision with open arms.”. Mr Khan is very enthusiastic about London’s application and supports his city as a representation of the whole United Kingdom.

But where will it be held if not in London?

However, we may see the competition be hosted in another city. Internet users and countries ministers remain skeptical about the hosting of Eurovision in London. They comment on the need to discover other parts of the United Kingdom to develop tourism away from the capital.

Glasgow is, according to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the ideal place to host the competition: “I can think of a perfect venue on the banks of the River Clyde!” She adds that the sad circumstances make Ukraine’s application impossible.

The OVO Hydro arena could be, then, the favorite place to host the contest for the United Kingdom. Indeed, we had been able to live the adventures of Lars and Sigrid the two Icelandic musicians in the film “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”.

In the United Kingdom, many cities have reported their interest in hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Below, you can see a map of all current bids. will bring you updates on all of the bids in the upcoming days.

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