New Music Friday – this week with Monika Liu, Hurricane, Michael Rice and more!

Ten of the best new songs from Eurovision artists!

Another week comes to an end and that means it’s New Music Friday! So it’s time to share the best new releases from the Eurovision world, and they’re busier than ever as the door on the 2022 season closes. Over the following pages is everything you need to know for your weekend playlists!

Monika Liu – ‘Bossa’

Firstly on New Music Friday is Lithuania’s 2022 representative Monika Liu. Earlier this May she gave the Baltic nation its best result for a Lithuanian language entry since 2001. Now she returns with the bossanova inspired, ‘Bossa’. This elegant song shows another side of Monika’s classic jazz style, but with her unique interpretation that brings it to life for modern ears.

I love the bossanova style, so I’ve always wanted to write a song like that. Its rhythm just invites you to dance – whether it’s with friends spending time in nature or alone at home, waiting for the rain ends. It’s a song about dramatic love, liberation and destructive passion. It’s scary to even say what its words are really about, but I will try to do it live, in concert.

Monika Liu, (speaking to The Delfi)

Emma Muscat feat. Blas Cantó – ‘La stessa lingua’

A Mediterranean mash-up between Malta’s Eurovision 2022 artist Emma Muscat and Spain’s 2020/2021 entrant, Blas Cantó was not on our bingo card. However the two align on this bilingual banger that expresses how we all share the same love language despite borders of countries and speech.

Hurricane – ‘Wow’

Recently Hurricane announced the sad news that their contract as a trio will not be renewed. However to ease the pain and say farewell, the band quickly followed the news with ‘Gospodine’. Still not ready to stop just yet, we have new single, ‘Wow’. Always giving us ‘Wow’ moments with their music, this latest single is no different. The Balkan banger pulses to the rhythm of the lyrics about the fireworks started by a new relationship. Later this year the girls will embark on their final tour.


VICTORIA – ‘How To Ruin A Life’

Last December, Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2020 and 2021 representative, Victoria released her first post-Eurovision single, ‘THE WORST’. A teaser of The Next Page of her music story. Over 7 months later we have a new chapter in ‘How To Ruin A Life’. Here we have yet another plot twist, as Victoria showcases her most upbeat single to date. The guitar-laden pop anthem reflects on the ups and downs in a relationship.

We’ve been working on this single for a long time and I’m very happy that we can finally share it with the world. Many of my fans, colleagues and friends are surprised how ‘How to Ruin a Life’ sounds and see me in different light. I am also in a different light in the photo session for the clip. On a bike and with a screen partner. This would not have been possible without the support of Honda Bulgaria and the participation of Filip. I am very grateful to everyone who made How to Ruin a Life a reality.

Victoria, (speaking to bnr,bg)
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