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Liverpool City Council present Eurovision 2023 host city bid

Will we be traveling to an UNESCO City of Music next year?

Liverpool City Council prestented their campaign video for becoming Eurovision 2023´s host city last week on Twitter. In this video, we can see some famous landmarks being shown, such as the Royal Liver Building and the Penny Lane sign. More Beatles tributes are shown and mentioned, with a powerful graffiti statement that highlights that in Liverpool, “as you need is love “. The campaign video praises Liverpool’s love for music, it’s compassion and how it ‘s a place that “embraces the different”. And of course, it’s excellence for throwing good parties! In the end, a voiceover tells us that Liverpool could make Eurovision 2023 ‘extraordinary’. “It has a chance to be something more than it has ever been before “.

Who else is getting excited after these promises?!

The video has gotten over 18.000 views so far, and the comments have been overwhelmingly positive towards Liverpool ‘s hosting wishes.

In August, the BBC announced a shortlist of cities still in the running to become Eurovision 2023 ‘s host city. Besides Liverpool, the list includes Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Sheffield and Manchester. There is no exact data announced when we ‘ll find out which city becomes the host of Eurovision 2023, but it is expected this Autumn.

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