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Ikke Hüftgold qualifies for Unser Lied für Liverpool

"Lied mit gutem Text" receives whopping 52% of the vote

Germany have chosen Ikke Hüftgold as the ninth finalist of Unser Lied für Liverpool. The party singer won the TikTok Wildcard voting with “Lied mit gutem Text”. The song received 52% of the total vote, demolishing the competition.

Ikke Hüftgold win no surprise

The victory of Ikke Hüftgold in the TikTok voting can’t really be called a surprise. Ikke has been a well-known name on the party scene in Germany for many years. He’s scored hits, which are sung on every party where the beer flows freely. Other hits of his include “Dicke Titten, Kartoffelsalat” – a song about big bosoms and potato salad or the “Lewandowski Song”. Just last year, he was the producer of the song “Layla” – a major summer hit in Germany which sparked controversy everywhere it was played.

Ikke Hüftgold is the stage name of Matthias Distel, a 44-year old from Limburg an der Lahn. He started singing as Ikke back in 2010. His début single was called “Saufen ist scheiße, aber wir machen’s trotzdem” (EN: Drinking is sh*t, but we do it nonetheless). He also took part in Promi Big Brother in Germany.

For the TikTok voting at Unser Lied für Liverpool, “Lied mit gutem Text” received 52% of the vote. From Fall To Spring came second with 28%, followed by Spotify success story JONA on 14%. The full result can be found below:

  1. Ikke Hüftgold – Lied mit gutem Text: 52%
  2. From Fall To Spring – Draw The Line: 28%
  3. JONA – 10/10: 14%
  4. Betül – Heaven: 3%
  5. Michy & André Katawazi, NASHUP – Summertime: 2%
  6. Leslie Clio – Free Again: 1%

Field of nine for Unser Lied für Liverpool

Nine acts have now qualified for Unser Lied für Liverpool. This includes the eight previously announced candidates, plus Ikke Hüftgold. The show will take place on 3rd March. Barbara Schöneberger will once again host the competition.

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