Vienna 2015

Bojana Stamenov to Vienna!

Serbia has chosen Bojana Stamenov to represent them in Vienna. Her song Ceo Svet Je Moj was the runaway winner of tonight’s show.
The show lasted a mere 75 minutes and saw all acts performing their songs twice. Bojana Stamenov managed to beat Aleksa Jelic and Danica Krstic in both televoting and jury voting. She got the maximum three points from both votings, ending with six. Aleksa and Danica share second place with three points each.
The result:
1. Bojana Stamenov – Ceo Svet Je Moi – 6 points (10.547 televotes)
2. Danica Krstic – Suze Za Kraj – 3 points (8.039 televotes)
2. Aleksa Jelic – Vodi Me – 3 points (4.363 televotes)
You can watch Bojana’s song below!

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