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Participants in Festival da Canção announced

Portuguese broadcaster RTP has just revealed the twelve singers and composers taking part in Festival da Canção 2015, their method to select the Portuguese entry for Vienna. And there are some familiar names in that selection…
None other than Portuguese diva and legend Simone de Oliveira will take part once again, after competing in Eurovision 1965 and 1969. Also Adelaide Ferreira, the 1985 entrant for Portugal is returning once more!
The list of twelve acts can be found below:

  1. Adelaide Ferreira – Paz
    Composer: Adelaide Ferreira / Lyrics: Adelaide Ferreira
  2. Diana Piedade – Maldido Tempo
    Composer: Carlos Massa / Lyrics: Carlos Massa
  3. Filipa Baptista – A Noite Inteira
    Composer: Augusto Madureira / Lyrics: Augusto Madureira
  4. Filipe Gonçalves – Dança Joana
    Composer: Héber Marques / Lyrics: Héber Marques
  5. Gonçalo Tavares – Tu Tens Uma Mágica
    Composer: Gonçalo Tavares / Lyrics: Gonçalo Tavares & José Cid
  6. José Freitos – Mal Menor (Ninguém Me Guia À Razão)
    Composer: Chukry / Lyrics: Chukry
  7. Leonor Andrade – Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa
    Composer: Miguel Gameiro / Lyrics: Miguel Gameiro
  8. Rita Seidi – Lisboa, Lisboa
    Composer: Sara Tavares / Lyrics: Sara Tavares
  9. Rubi Machado – Quando A Lua Voltar A Passar
    Composer: Sebastião Antunes / Lyrics: Sebastião Antunes
  10. Simone de Oliveira – À Espera Das Canções
    Composer: Renato Júnior / Lyrics: Tiago Torres da Silva
  11. Teresa Radamanto – Um Fado Em Viena
    Composer: Fernando Abrantes / Lyrics: Jorge Mangorrinha
  12. Yola Dinis – Outra Vez Primavera
    Composer: Nuno Feist / Lyrics: Nuno Marques da Silva

Festival da Canção 2015 will take place on 3, 5 and 7 March. The twelve acts will be split up in two semifinals on 3 and 5 March, with the final taking place on 7 March. The winner will represent Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and will hope to bring Portugal its first victory ever.

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