Vienna 2015

Diell withdrawn – A new song will be chosen for Vienna

Elhaida Dani has this evening announced via her Facebook page that she will not perform “Diell” in Vienna, the song that was victorious in December’s ‘Festival ii Kenges’
According to Elhaida’s post, the author of the song has decided to withdraw his permission for use of the song at the contest.  Whilst we do not know the reasons behind this decision, we expect more information from the official broadcaster RTSH shortly.
Elhaida also added that work was underway on a new song that would represent the country instead.

It’s only right that you hear it from me that I’ll be representing Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest with a song other than the one I won with in December.The news will be in the public domain shortly, but I want you to know in advance.
The author of Diell, due to unchangeable personal reasons, has withdrawn his permission and this, unfortunately, means it can’t be used at the Eurovision Song Contest. To respect this unforeseen personal decision, and in agreement with RTSH, and respecting the rules of ESC, it’s been agreed that, as the winner of FiK, I will represent my country in Vienna with a new song.
It’s hoped that this unforeseen inconvenience won’t hurt or bother anyone. The shared objective remains that Albania receive a good position on the night in Vienna and we will work tirelessly to make it happen

Albania have been drawn to perform in the second half of the first semi final on 19th May.
You can listen to the song that will no longer be going to the contest below: would like to thank Adam Scott for translating Elhaida Dani’s Facebook statement for us.

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