Vienna 2015

Interval act for the final revealed

What will happen between the last performance and the time for results, fans usually wonder. For some reason (which escapes me) the interval act has become almost as important as the competing songs themselves. Granted, we have had some really good stuff going on there (for me, the one in Oslo 2010 remains unbeaten and will be really hard to top), but in reality it’s just a way of filling those minutes with an act who, let’s face it, no one should really care about.
The interval act should be pointless so that you can actually go an prepare another drink, go to the bathroom and/or have a quickie. However, year in and year out broadcasters seem to be trying really hard to come up with something of real quality.
And so, it has been revealed that the act in the final come May will be Martin Grubinger who has composed a piece that combines classical music with big band music, choral singing with percussion. The show will go on for nine minutes and will be a based on Mahler’s Symphonies 2 and 3 and Bruckner’s 8th Symphony. 40 instrumentalists, as well as the Grammy-winning Arnold Schoenberg Choir, will take part in the act.
Grubinger has said that

In this show we want to present how fascinating and diverse the Austrian music tradition is

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