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Eurovision drama… Nina rages on a Maltese prank

It seems that for some contestants the Eurovision pressure is getting higher and higher that even a sweet prank can’t relieve the stress the competition brings.
This week on Magic Malta’s breakfast show, Maltese hopeful Amber was pranked by a fake call thought to be by Nina Sublatti. The fake Nina was asked about the Maltese Warrior and she immediately replied negatively on the Maltese song and the singer. (You can click here to listen to the radio prank).
Amber who happened to be a guest during this radio show was initially surprised and shocked by the comments said by the woman claimed to be Nina Sublatti. Soon after, the DJ made Amber realise that this was a prank on her.
The Maltese hopeful had a good laugh in the studio, however the real Georgian Warrior, Nina Sublatti was apparently more of a spoilsport. She was unhappy because her name was used to make a prank on Amber and she showed her disappointment on the social media.
Infact in a tweet, the real Nina clearly showed her bitterness towards this prank produced by a Maltese radio station.
tweet nina
Surely my advice would be; don’t mess it up with Nina or else you will be in big trouble!

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