Vienna 2015

The fans have spoken, and they have a winner

After all branches of OGAE, the official fan club, have submitted their votes, a winner has been declared. In full Eurovision style, each club sent their 12, 10 and 8-1 points, and in a race that was neck-to-neck for pretty much the duration of the voting, Italy’s Il Volo, with ‘Grande Amore‘ has emerged as the winner this year with 367 points. Sweden came a close second with 338 and Estonia was far behind earning the bronze medal with 274 points.
The table below show the results only for the countries that scored any points. The rest of the countries were left in the dreaded nul points from the fans.
OGAE 2015 vote
Will this result mirror the actual outcome of the contest? Have the fans given the blessing or the kiss of death to Italy? Only time will tell, but in the meantime you can enjoy Italy’s song and let us know if you agree or not.

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