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Last week Reykjavik Pride was celebrated in the world’s northernmost capital, with the parade and concert on Saturday as natural highlights. One third of the Icelandic population took to the streets to participate in the celebration, among them the Canadian ambassador to Iceland who marched in the parade with his husband.  And as always, Páll Óskar (aka Paul Oscar) rose to the occasion…

Photo; Wiv@escXtra
Photo; [email protected]
As we reported a while back, he planned on outperforming his own white swan from last year’s parade with a pink viking ship, as a tribute to all the queer “vikings” who have been silenced in Iceland through the centuries, from settlement to today.
Photo; Wiv@escXtra
Photo; [email protected]
In addition to rocking the parade, Páll Óskar also rocked, or rather danced, the Pride concert. He was the closing act, performing three songs, including his most recent hit, “Líttu upp í ljós” (Look Into the Light). You can listen to this below.
His final song of the concert, though, was what he called “the national anthem. I mean our national anthem.”

This song is currently the 7th most popular song in Iceland, and if you want to help keep it on the radio playlist, you can vote for it here. (You need to vote for 5 songs, and enter your name and e-mail, then click “kjósa”.)
You can also download his two most recent hits “Líttu upp í ljós” and “Ást sem endist” (Love That Lasts) for free on his official website.

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