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Avrotros confirms – Douwe Bob to Stockholm

After the media’s pressure on the Dutch broadcaster, Avrotros have now confirmed their artist for Stockholm. Not the first rumour Dotan, but the second one, Douwe Bob, will represent The Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!
Douwe Bob is a surprising name to many [including to this editor], as he hasn’t really scored many hits… Ever. He is one of the successful candidates on a Dutch talent show ‘The best singer-songwriter’. ย The 22 year old has, up til now, released five singles, of which only one made the top 10:ย Hold Me. That song was a duet with the woman who’s been connected to Eurovision twice in the past years: Anouk. His other songs failed to impress in the charts. Despite that, the country knows Douwe Bob and the broadcaster has decided to send the 22 year old to Stockholm after an internal selection.
The song will be chosen at a later date andย has been selected internally. Douwe Bob and Dutch commentator Jan Smit said that the song has already been written and chosen. Douwe Bob also confirmed that the song will be uptempo. Joined by saying he was ‘in it to win it’. Smit also said the song would not be revealed as early as December (as Trijntje did last year), but more around February. Douwe Bob said he was already in talks with Avrotros last year and he’s glad he has now been given the chance to bring his song to the Eurovision stage.

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