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Trijntje’s backing impresses Perez Hilton

Eurovision and talent shows seem to have an eternal connection. Backing vocals, singers whose careers have not exactly been flourishing lately – They all appear on The Voice, X Factor and we could go on. The latest addition to the list is Trijntje Oosterhuis’s Vienna backing vocal Jennie Lena. Her audition even managed to convince American showbusiness blogger Perez Hilton!
Jennie Lena’s audition aired on The Voice of Holland back in September and today, Perez Hilton dedicated an article to her. The title says it all: 

This Is. The Best. The Voice Audition. We Have EVER Seen!

Jennie’s rendition of the Jackson 5 classic Who’s Loving You managed to get all chairs turned around within the first six seconds of her performance. In the end, Jennie Lena chose Anouk (yes, Birds-Anouk) as her coach. No surprise as Jennie has also worked with Anouk plenty of times.
In his piece, Hilton writes the following about Jennie’s performance:

This is the definition of SLAYING it!
We’re pretty sure if Michael Jackson were still with us, he’d turn his chair around too!

So, what do you think? Was Jennie’s audition one of the best auditions you’ve ever seen?

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