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Xtra’s Pick of the 70s

Welcome back to our series in which we delve into the Eurovision archive and one of our editors picks out a song of a different era each day. Today, it’s Edward’s turn, and he’s bringing you a song from the 70s.

Luxembourg 1973: Anne-Marie David – Tu Te Reconnaîtras (1st place)

I have been watching the Eurovision Song Contest for the past twenty-five years. Basically I know 99% of the songs which took part since 1991. This means that I did not go through all the songs of the 70’s. However, if I wanted to pick up a song that gave me goosebumps. Then it’s the classic and victorious entry by Anne-Marie David.
I must admit that Tu te reconnaîtras is on my all time favourite Eurovision playlist. It’s not because Anne-Marie won with this song but also she gave an impeccable performance on the night of 7th April 1973 at the Grand Théâtre, Luxembourg.
Going to every Eurovision since 2005 did not give me the possibility of meeting Anne-Marie David. I was so keen to meet her and one day I managed not only meet her but also conduct an interview with her.
I remember she came to my country, Malta to perform as a guest in a festival. I managed to contact the right person, who got me through her. I remember Anne-Marie David being so easy-going and while I was waiting for her at the hotel reception, she invited me to join her at the dinner table.
I was flattered to be able to chat with her in such a relaxed ambience. That was five years ago and this year I couldn’t hold my tears when I saw her giving such an emotional performance in London, during the 60th anniversary show.
Last May, Anne-Marie David flew to Vienna and was one of the special guests of the OGAE party. Below you can watch her performance at the Eurofan Cafe.

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