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Xtra’s Pick of the 80s

Today, Wivian is travelling back to the 1980s and bringing one of her favourite songs from the era back to the present day, and today it’s a Eurovision winner! Here she is to tell us why.

Eurovision 1980: Johnny Logan – What’s Another Year (1st place)

I‘m one of these people who almost never think the right song won. Or at least not the best song. For instance, I would have to admit that Fairytale was (most likely) the right winner, but it was definitely not the best song from 2009, because Bistra Voda. There are possibly a handful of winners that are also my favourites from their year, but definitely not more than that.
My pick of the 80s is one of these very few; Johnny Logan‘s What‘s Another Year. In my opinion this is possibly the best winner ever, and a song I never get tired of listening to.
Johnny is a wonderful performer; no matter what he sings he makes you believe it. Or at least he makes you believe that he believes it. Which is an art in itself. The effortlessness with which he performs this song is also quite impressive. And who can‘t relate to the fact that when you like your world has ended, time doesn‘t really matter anymore? I know I can.
Oh, and he totally rocks the „black-and-white“ look. And those eyes!? How can anyone watch this performance and not wanna just grab hold of him and promise to make everything better? Again; I know I want to.
1980 is also one of those years where there were, in my opinion, more than one song that should have won. It‘s a shame that either What‘s Another Year or Gente di Mare didn‘t participate the year after, cuz I‘m convinced they would both have been winners then. They are both in my „top 25 ever“ list, with Johnny only a few places above Umberto and Raf. And Hold Me Now is also in there, so yeah, I guess you could say I‘m a fan.

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