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Ann Sophie speaks out: “They ignored me after Eurovision!”

On the day where NDR revealed they’d be sending Xavier Naidoo to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, their latest entrant Ann Sophie has revealed some backstage details from what happened before and after her participation in Vienna.
And the story is remarkable to say the least. Ann Sophie states the following:

I remember how we sat together with the NDR team, Universal, Brainpool in Hamburg before we went to Vienna. We spoke about the last details, I was excited and very much looking forward to it.
Back then, we got along really well, had a lot of fun and I asked: Will we get along this well after Eurovision too? The answer: “That’ll depend on how you do.”
I thought they were joking. But… they weren’t.

It seems Thomas Schreiber, the creative man behind Germany’s Eurovision participation was really excited about her as an artist, even after her pointless finish in Vienna. However after saying he’d like to continue his work with Ann Sophie, it went quiet between Ann Sophie and Schreiber.
Ann Sophie also says:

After Eurovision, I got told I didn’t connect with You – the fans and the public and after that, they ignored me.
That’s why, my dear fans, there was no second video, no second single and also no concerts. And not because I didn’t want to.

It’s good to note that Ann Sophie also says she doesn’t actually regret Eurovision or the entire experience:

For me it was a cool experience despite everything that happened. An experience I don’t regret, an experience I’m really grateful for and which I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on.
After all, I still got to meet all my fans, who still support me to this day. I definitely appreciate that a lot.

Ann Sophie’s timing is interesting and obviously, this is just one side of the story. It’ll be interesting to see if and how this story develops…

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