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Xtra’s Pick of the 70s

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for the 1970s. It’s Nick‘s turn today and he has decided to introduce you to one of his Greek favourites.

Greece 1979: Elpida – Sokrati (8th place)

Sokrati is my pick this week. Greece is one of those ‘Oh they’ll do well whatever they send’ countries nowadays. They weren’t back in the 1970s. Or 1980s. Or 1990s for that matter. They still had quite a few incredibly decent entries, of which this one was probably their best in the 1970s.
So what’s it about? The title makes it easy to guess: The Greek philosopher Socrates. It’s basically a serenade on Socrates and Elpida goes as far as calling him a super star and even the first Christ. And she does it all in fine fashion, singing spot on. And you know, back in the day that ‘spot on singing’ wasn’t much of a big deal. It was normal. Unlike nowadays.
But ok, a song about a philosopher in Eurovision. What makes it such a stand-out song for me? It’s a great tune, Greek and still very 70s. I’m not surprised it did this well (for Greece in those days). An 8th place in Jerusalem was, however, in my eyes still too low in such a weak year. For me, it should have been a clear top three that year.
Elpida was rather successful in the Greek area in those years. In 1986 she returned to Eurovision – for Cyprus that time. That adventure didn’t end too well… Tora Zo, another song I rather enjoyed, finished in dead last that year. Thankfully it didn’t really harm her career.
Greece had some great tunes, but have always kept it in the Greek style and fashion. Either by music or by themes. And that’s something I applaud.

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