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Xtra’s Pick of the 21st Century

Rounding out this week, our flashback series sees Wiv remember a bright star among the suns of the new millennium.

Latvia 2000: Brainstorm – My Star (3rd place)

Most Eurovision fans are of the opinion that the more countries that participate, the better. More songs, more singers, more crazy performances, more votes, more…everything!
Even though I don‘t necessarily agree with that, it‘s always fun when a new country joins the Eurovision family, and sometimes the increase in number actually equals an increase in quality. At least in the debut year…
My favourite Eurovision Song Contest, musically and logo wise (I LOVE those lips!) is the 2000 contest from Stockholm. And this year also gave us the debut of a country whose music I at that time knew absolutely nothing about; Latvia.
And I have to admit that I didn‘t really expect too much from a fairly small country, with no internationally known artists (at least not that I‘d ever heard of…), but I was to be proven wrong!
Because then they went and gave us Brainstorm!
„My Star“ and the amazing band members of Brainstorm immediately became…well, my stars of Eurovision Song Contest 2000, and I‘m still to this day utterly shocked and devastated by their 3rd place.
By all means; I also have them in 3rd place. Only that‘s on a slightly different list; the one that lists my favorite Eurovision entries in the history of the contest!
I still love „My Star“ to bits, and I own (thanks to a very good friend) every single thing ( I think!) that Brainstorm has ever released, including concert recordings, so that I can also watch their energetic and quirky performances.
This was the first time (but not the last) that I have wanted a debuting (or at least kinda) country to win. And the one time that actually happened, I really don‘t think it should have… As one would expect.

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