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Xtra’s Pick of the Comebacks: 21st Century

Comeback week is almost over here at escXtra but we have one last comeback to discuss as Liam talks about a 21st century comeback of a different style.

San Marino 2015: Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola – Chain of Lights (SF2: 16th place)

After three years, Valentina Monetta decided to let someone else have a go at representing San Marino and my word, what a treat were we in for.
Graduating to the adult contest after representing San Marino at the previous two Junior Eurovision Song Contests, Michele and Anita were signed up to represent The Most Serene Republic as a duet, a fact that they only informed the young singers of on the way to the press conference announcing their duet.
This lead to the kind of teen diva hot mess I was really hoping for. Michele and Anita serve up the kind of chemistry you would expect from the rival heads of drama clubs that had been forced to act the lead in a play. They both try and outshine each other and in rehearsals were constantly and amusingly camera blocking each other.
Then you get to the song, in which the teens attach a huge amount of gravitas to, only to discover that the whole affair is just a massive cheesefest. Sadly, after doing quite well vocally during rehearsals they both had a rough night of it during the actual semi-final which does make me a little sad.
Honestly, I think I am so far past the concept of a guilty pleasure, that I legitimately enjoy this entry for every thing that it is. It’s just a beautifully orchestrated hot mess.
That being said, for those who remember the #facialreviews from the team in Vienna, will note that Rodrigo does not agree with me so much…

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